Partnering to master asthma.

OSIA Medical Inc produces personal interactive chronic health management tools which engage patients in regular assessments of their current situation around their chronic health condition and enrich personally-reported events, uses of medication and other treatments, and symptoms with a broad range of outside, environmental and contributing factor data to improve treatment, sharpen awareness for prevention, and connect the patient to their care team with real-time data, real-time context, and immediate connection between physicians, patients and their condition – all for real-time improvement.

Pollen data partners

Asthma Ally® is partnering with providers of pollen data to improve the quality of your triggers analysis. Please visit these partnering sites to see if improved data is available in your area (in alphabetical order):

Monitor patients daily

Asthma Ally® is a tool for physicians and patients to collaboratively treat a patient's allergies and asthma. It utilizes a web-based Smartphone - GPS assisted system to collaboratively identify triggers for atopic disease dramatically improving patient care and satisfaction.

Improve Patient Care

The more a doctor knows about a patient's specific triggers, the more effective treatment can be.

Reduce Hospitalizations and ER Visits

Patients often ignore the warning signs of a serious exacerbation until a trip to the ER or Hospitalization is inevitable. Asthma Ally® utilizes data provided by the patient to send alerts to the medical team regarding patients entering the yellow or red zones, reducing the likelihood that a patient may require costly emergency care for their disease.

More effective treatment plans

Asthma Ally® goes beyond typical patient/doctor interaction providing real-time access to a patient's asthma/ allergy disease state while stream-lining office-patient interactions.

Enable the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

Real-time data provided by the patient to the medical team allows for continuous medical care rather than sporadic office visits.

Asthma Ally® provides a simple web accessible portal to the medical team providing alerts about patient condition. Proactive outreach is then implemented targeting efforts specifically to patients experiencing a worsening disease state.

GPS assisted environmental condition reports combine with patient health inputs make possible physician assessments of how pollen, weather, and pollution affect a patient's health.

Asthma Ally® uses GPS assisted tools when a patient "logs an event" to acquire data regarding pollen counts, ozone, fine-particulate counts and weather to help a patient better identify triggers to avoid future exacerbations.