Change your life.

You know what it feels like to be at the mercy of your asthma – a life lived one symptom and episode after another. Treating symptoms does nothing to help you control or master your asthma. Now with Asthma Ally® you can manage, measure and track your symptoms, inhaler use, exercise and other activities, all in one place. The app also assigns a range of other critical location, weather, and environmental data to your self-reported symptoms to present a complete picture of your condition.

Asthma Ally® reduces the distance between chronic conditions and a better understanding of treatment and control. By shortening the distance between patients and their care teams, we are your partner in improving total health and life enjoyment, working to minimize the impact and life-limiting power of your condition.

Along with regular consultations with your specialist, now together you can master asthma! The more you and your doctor know about the specific triggers of YOUR asthma, the more effective treatment can be. Download our app now to begin mastering your asthma and change your life.

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Want to get the most of your Personal Asthma Ally®? – use the Connect feature in the mobile app to recommend it to your asthma and allergy specialist! - integrating your new level of engagement through Asthma Ally® with your provider will accelerate your mastery of your condition.

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