Passion for healing.

We are a company created by asthma sufferers and respiratory specialists - providing every asthma sufferer with the tools they need to engage and master their asthma.

Asthma Ally® is the first chronic condition management application from OSIA Medical, Inc. – the leading developer of Personal Chronic Disease Applications. Working with a national network of medical specialists and care systems, our applications engage and empower patients and their physicians to master their chronic respiratory conditions.

The immediate benefits of Asthma Ally® are clear, but our long-term focus and promise is so much more – we are committed to patient care and analytical data to make mastery of asthma a reality! Our long-term, end-game focus is to make asthma and all chronic conditions irrelevant – to limit the power of chronic conditions to dictate lifestyle and happiness for patients. Root cause and causality are not currently part of our set of promises, but we are actively working with patients, care providers, specialists, and researchers to initially master asthma symptoms and make chronic events predictable and preventable!

Our Provider Portal is available through our Partnerships Team who can be contacted using the information below. For more information regarding our Provider Portal, visit our care providers page.

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